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What can Triple A Forensics do to help solicitors navigate their way around the complex scientific, analytical, toxicological and legal issues surrounding NPSs?

  • • we can undertake the analysis of your samples thought to contain NPSs
  • • we can provide the classification of their legal status, based on their chemical structure, in a criminal context both in the UK and abroad, and furthermore
  • • we can discuss the likely implications in respect of the toxicological aspects of these substances.



For further information on NPSs please click here

Skunk – Solicitors will often receive statements and reports from scientists and police witnesses referring to cannabis as ‘Skunk’. We have found that these reports should not always be taken at face value and should be studied in more detail.

  • • we can look at the material or any photographs to determine if the material has the visual appearance of skunk.
  • • we can determine the drug content of the material in our laboratory or we can comment on any potency suggested by the prosecution.
  • • we can comment on any calculations done to try and determine how long the material would maintain its potency.
  • • we can comment on any suggested valuations, including verification of any background data utilised in the valuation calculations.


For further information on our services on skunk please click here, for cannabis cultivation click here and for drug valuations click here.


New Road Traffic Act legislation was introduced in March 2015 to cover driving after the consumption of drugs of abuse and medicines. For further information on what we can do in these cases please click here.


Triple A Forensics was established in March 2008 to provide an independent Consultancy Service for companies, academic institutions and individuals engaged in activities associated with analytical science and forensic science. Since then we have been involved in over 500 drugs and toxicology cases in the UK and abroad, particularly in New Zealand.


Alex Allan, Ian Oxley and Bob Ardrey, the principals of Triple A Forensics, have a wide range of experience as experts in toxicology and the analysis of drugs of abuse in both casework, from prosecution and defence perspectives, and civil litigation, and also in research  and development environments. We act as expert witnesses for the review of scientific reports and statements and regularly appear in court.


Our drugs related casework reviews have involved their identification, purity determination, their profiling to investigate whether or not they are from a common source, valuation and estimation of yield in cannabis cases. We have also considerable experience in the interpretation of text messages, dealer lists and associated paperwork. We also specialise in the interpretation of the finding of traces of illicit drugs on banknotes.


Our Toxicology casework reviews have involved consideration of the involvement of drugs, often obscure, in suspicious deaths, murders, driving under the influence of drugs and DFSA cases.


We have considerable experience in the application of analytical methodologies, particularly mass spectrometry and chromatography, to a wide range of  problems and undertake both short-term and long-term research and development in these areas.


We have considerable experience in the setting up of analytical and forensic laboratories, associated with which is the selection of appropriate methodologies for the examinations to be undertaken and we are able to provide advice on this as well as the evaluation and purchase of appropriate equipment.


We also provide introductory courses on various aspects of forensic science to the legal profession and to forensic scientists.


We have delivered  bespoke training courses in mass spectrometry and chromatography for a number of years and contribute to a number of forensic science courses at universities in the UK. Further details of our training activities may be found on the "Company Activities" page of this web site.


The "Current Topics" page contains a number of articles in which we review subjects which we hope will be of relevance and interest to users of this site. If there are any further topics that you feel would be useful additions please let us know.